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The shower hose is the flexible adapter that connects the shower head or hand shower to the tap. As well as optical aspects, there are also price differences which are due to the use of different materials. As well as top-class shower hoses in stainless steel, Villeroy & Boch also offers high-quality models in plastic.

Everything you need to know about shower hoses and pull-out sprays

High-quality and elegant shower hoses

A shower hose connects the shower head and hand shower. The long hose is flexible and can move easily in different directions. Together with the shower head, the hose is the most important element in showers, shower trays and baths. It allows you to enjoy a hot shower before or after a demanding day.

The shower hose or pull-out spray should be high quality and made from a robust material. Otherwise holes and cracks will appear and quickly cause leaks. The classic metal pull-out spray is high-quality and durable. But good plastic materials now offer a long lifespan too. A high-quality plastic pull-out spray adapts to every movement without twisting and is very easy to care for.

Wallway shower hose
Onovo pull-out spray

As well as functionality, design also plays an important role. A bathroom is a place for wellness and relaxation. So it is important for that all elements harmonise perfectly. In the case of a metal shower hose, an additional plastic cover is recommended. This will create a smooth and hygienic surface, and will also eliminate the risk of injuries. A chrome film cover on a shower hose, for example, will coordinate with a chrome tap and spray. The shiny metal design will integrate elegantly and timelessly in any bathroom.

If you prefer a more puristic look, a white hose is a perfect choice for your shower or bath. It will coordinate perfectly with a white shower head and light-coloured bathroom tiles, for example from our ABERDEEN, BACK HOME or BELLAGIO collections. For contrasting highlights, add trend colours such as red, blue, green or gold.

Architectura Gold shower hose

Which shower hose is best?

Antao shower hose

Optimum length for a shower hose

A pull-out spray can be short or long This will depend on your shower and showering habits. Do you shower in a shower cabinet or in the bath, standing up or sitting down? Does your shower have a shower holder that you can use to push the pull-out spray and shower head up or down? The length of the shower hose will always depend on the individual bathroom situation.

Shower hoses come in the following standard lengths:

  • 2.00 metres: hose length allowing an optimum height for a standing shower in the bath
  • 1.60 metres: normal length for comfortable showering in the shower or shower cubicle
  • 1.25 metres: classic size for a pull-out spray in the bath

Tip: A shower hose on a washbasin has practical benefits too, for example, to quickly wash your hair or clean the basin. A washbasin shower head with a hose is generally compatible with all standard taps and is ideal for a wide range of purposes.

Avento pull-out spray

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Shower hoses from Villeroy & Boch

Tips for replacing the shower hose

If your pull-out spray is covered in unsightly limescale or leaking after a long period of use, it’s time to replace it. A modern shower hose with a thread is designed to allow easier installation. To install the replacement, you will need a hose with a thread and a shower head, a spanner, pipe tongs and possibly an adapter.

Important: To ensure optimum installation of your new hand shower hose and tap, check the connection before buying. Many shower taps have a 1/2 inch thread which is compatible with most shower hoses. A few have a 3/4 inch thread. Adapters are available to allow connection to 1/2 inch hoses.

How to replace a pull-out spray:

  1. Loosen the union nut and remove the old shower hose and shower head.
  2. Clean the tap using water and a vinegar-based cleaner or another cleaning product before fitting the new shower hose and shower head.
  3. Attach the new shower hose to the shower head. Insert the seal before screwing in place.
  4. Then screw on the pull-out spray and tap fitting. Remember to insert the seal here as well, to make sure the water flows into the shower or bath with no leaks.
  5. If you want to extend the shower hose, choose the correct shower hose extension and screw the two hoses together.
  6. Make sure everything is properly sealed and tighten the nut again if required.
Subway ColorBomb shower hose
Subway pull-out spray

Buying a shower hose

Villeroy & Boch shower hoses combine functionality and design, and will add a perfect finishing touch to your shower or bath. If you are planning to buy a pull-out spray, Villeroy & Boch offers a wide selection of different shower hoses and pull-out sprays made from high-quality durable materials – for every quality requirement and style.