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Built-in shower taps

Antao built-in shower tap

What is the best option for my shower tap, surface-mounted or built-in? This is a question asked by many people when planning their bathroom. Both options have their advantages. While surface-mounted taps were previously the most common choice for domestic bathrooms, built-in bathroom taps are now becoming increasingly popular. The effect is more restful, as the surface of the wall is not interrupted by a shower tap. This provides greater scope for more individual design effects and implementation of the chosen wall design.

How does a built-in tap work?

When planning your bathroom, it is important to consider in advance whether you want your shower tap to be “built-in” or “surface-mounted”. A built-in mixer is more difficult to install than a surface-mounted mixer. It is therefore advisable to enlist the services of a trade professional. You will need to tell this person in advance your choice of either surface-mounted or built-in installation. Unless otherwise instructed, the trade professional will prepare everything for classic surface-mounted installation. Once the tiles have been laid, changing the installation method for the tap will mean a great deal of work and expense.

As the description suggests, all the technical elements of a built-in tap are concealed in the wall. Only the operating lever and water outlet or shower spray are visible in a built-in installation. A built-in tap therefore needs less space in comparison with a surface-mounted tap.

Surface-mounted shower tap
Onovo surface-mounted shower tap
Built-in shower tap
Wallway built-in shower tap

How is a built-in shower tap installed?

If you have opted for built-in installation for your shower, the trade professional will start by opening up the wall. He or she will then connect the built-in concealed body, or base body, to the water supply. Depending on the selected shower set, different devices will need to be connected for all water inlets. The trade professional will then plaster and tile the wall around the base body. He or she will then fit the thermostat cartridge in the base body. The cartridge may be made of ceramic or plastic. Finally, the trade professional will install the cover with the single-lever mixer or double-lever mixer and water outlet.

Villeroy & Boch built-in shower tap

What are the advantages of a built-in shower tap?

Advantages of built-in shower taps

A built-in shower tap offers a wide range of advantages. It creates a high-quality, decorative effect and makes the bathroom look neat and tidy. A stylish tap in a material such as stainless steel is also easy to clean. As previously mentioned, another benefit is the space saved in the shower, as the technical components of the built-in mixer are integrated in the wall. This also reduces the risk of burns on hot hoses or pipes when showering.

Subway ColorBomb taps
Villeroy & Boch built-in shower tap

Can you replace built-in taps?

Generally speaking, it is possible to replace “built-in” shower taps. All you need to do is remove the wall cover. There is no need for you or a trade professional to open up the entire wall to install the replacement. However, in most cases, the base body will be compatible only with shower taps from the same brand. Some tap manufacturers even have several base bodies within their range. This will limit the replacement options in some cases.

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Built-in installation is also possible for washbasin or bath taps. The same applies as for the shower, it is important to think about built-in options for your tap fittings when planning your bathroom. In both cases, the trade professional will need to fit a base body in the wall and it will be difficult to change the chosen installation type later.

Washbasin with Artis built-in tap
Subway ImperialDreams shower tap

What is the cost for a built-in shower tap?

The price for a built-in shower tap depends on the quality of the selected product, the material costs and the costs for the trade professional appointed to carry out the work. Built-in taps come in a wide range of designs and colours. Instead of chrome, for example, you could opt for white, gold or a trendy black to give your shower a stylish look.

If you are planning to buy a shower tap set for built-in installation, another important consideration is the number of consumer units you want to connect to the tap. Will you need a shower head as well as the pull-out spray? In this shower set, each flow mode means a separate consumer.

Buying a shower tap for built-in installation

Would you like to install a built-in shower tap with a thermostat? Villeroy & Boch has a wide selection of stylish built-in shower taps for every taste and style. The right built-in shower set will make your bathroom and shower look even more beautiful.

Villeroy & Boch built-in shower taps