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Taps fulfil an important function in both the kitchen and bathroom. On a modern single-lever shower tap, the water temperature and volume are adjusted with one hand using a “single lever”. The shower fitting is also a design feature in the shower or bath.

How does a single-lever mixer work?

You are no doubt familiar with the operation of mixer taps for the shower – also known as a two-handle shower taps: you turn the cold water on and mix in hot water until the desired temperature is reached. The single-lever shower mixer speeds up this process. With a single-lever shower tap, one handle is used to adjust the temperature and water volume. This handle is marked with a red spot (hot water) and a blue spot (cold water).

What are the advantages of a single-lever mixer?

What advantages does a single-lever mixer offer in comparison with a two-lever mixer?

A lot of water is lost when mixing cold and hot water using a two-lever mixer. This means unnecessary increases in your water consumption and therefore costs. A single-lever shower tap helps you save cash, as no water is wasted during use.

Single-lever mixers are therefore now standard for both washbasins and showers. The two-lever mixer is an interesting option for people who want to add a nostalgic touch to their bathroom design. The familiar star-shaped handles are particularly popular. The design of the shower tap is therefore the main deciding factor here.

Thermostat taps offer comfort and safety

A single-lever shower tap with a thermostat offers a particularly high level of comfort. It allows you to preset both the temperature and volume of water . This saves water and energy. Some thermostats include a hot water lock setting at 38 degrees Celsius. These thermostats are ideal for households with children, as the preset temperature eliminates the risk of scalding.

In comparison with a classic single-lever mixer for the shower, a thermostat shower tap has another advantage: it keeps the water temperature constant. A single-lever mixer without a thermostat will react to variations in water pressure. For example, if another person in the household flushes the toilet this could cause the water to suddenly become colder or hotter.

Surface-mounted or built-in shower tap – which is better?

Is it better to have your shower tap “built-in” or “surface-mounted”? This question always arises when building a new house or embarking on an extensive bathroom refurbishment. Both options have advantages and drawbacks.

Surface-mounted shower tap

If built-in installation is not possible, your shower tap can be “surface-mounted”. In this case, the complete shower system is situated in front of or on a wall. This is not necessarily a problem in terms of aesthetics. A wide selection of models can now be found in every price category and to suit every taste.

Surface-mounted shower taps are easier to replace in comparison with built-in taps and fittings. In the event of a fault, you can simply replace the old single-lever mixer spray with a new one.

Built-in shower tap

A built-in shower tap looks very elegant and modern. It also saves space – as all the technology for mixing hot and cold water is concealed in the wall. Only the control and water outlet of a built-in shower tap are visible.

Many bathrooms have pre-walls in which toilet cisterns, pipes and other elements can be integrated. This space can also be used to position a single-lever shower mixer. Otherwise, a larger area of brickwork will need to be removed, which means expense and also requires a great deal of experience. In this case, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional company to handle the complete installation of your built-in single-lever shower tap.

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Choosing taps to coordinate with your style and installations

A modern shower tap with a single-lever mixer is high-quality and functional. In the case of bathroom taps, functionality is the most important criterion. To ensure absolute comfort and wellbeing in your bathroom, the tap should also coordinate with your bathroom installations and be tailored to your personal taste. While some people prefer a consistent look, others enjoy combining different styles. Most importantly, the proportions need to be right: a classic hand shower is a good choice for a small shower, while a larger shower space provides greater scope for options such as a rain shower or shower panel.

Buying a single-lever shower tap

Shower taps with single-lever mixers can now be found in many modern bathrooms. They provide great comfort for showering as both the temperature and water volume can be easily adjusted with one hand. Villeroy & Boch offers a wide selection of stylish shower taps – for comfortable and pleasant showering.