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You have chosen your bath, selected the tiles and now it’s time to think about those important details that will transform your bathroom into your personal home spa. The type of bath tap and spray head you choose will determine how much you enjoy using your bathroom every day. Does it meet your requirements in terms of looks? Does it offer ideal handling for your needs? Find out more about the different types of bath taps and hand showers and find the perfect fittings for your needs.

Navigating the maze - How can you choose your ideal bath tap?

Bath with Avento spray head black

Which bath tap is best?

Classic bath taps with a hand shower have a water inlet with a mixer lever, a control to switch the water from the tap to the shower head and a separate hand shower. These taps are available in minimalist looks in materials such as chrome, matt finishes or striking vintage designs. In addition to these options, there are also different attractive methods for filling your bathtub with water. From puristic to angular or round – a high-quality tap in chrome or another finish will add a premium note to your bathroom. And combined with a coordinating shower head on your bath, it will make every shower a real experience.

What kinds of taps are available?

The basic options are a surface-mounted tap and built-in bath mixer, a rim-mounted bath tap or a floor-standing tap. There are also differences in relation to the operation of bath taps. If you prefer easy operation and a minimalist look, choose a 2-hole or 3-hole bath tap. In the case of a 2-hole bath fitting, the only visible elements are the tap and spray head. The temperature is adjusted on the tap. The lever to switch the flow of water between the tap and the shower head is also located here. In the case of a 3-hole tap, there is the tap, the shower head and a separate control. This is used to adjust the temperature and switch the flow of water between the tap and the spray head. There is another advantage too: this option combines the full functionality of a bath tap and shower head with far easier and more hygienic cleaning.

Surface-mounted bath tap
Onovo surface-mounted bath tap
Floor-standing bath tap
Loop&Friends floor-standing tap
Built-in bath tap
Subway built-in bath tap
Rim-mounted bath tap
Collaro rim-mounted bath tap
Rim-mounted bath tap with spray head

Do you need to be able to precisely adjust the mixing proportions for your bath tap and do you like a little extra touch? Then take a look at the attractive 4- and 5-hole bath taps which offer a perfect fit for your needs. Perhaps safety is important for your mixer tap too? A thermostat bath mixer quickly heats the water to the desired temperature and also prevents scalding with a protection function.

For particularly easy operation, the single-lever bath mixer is a perfect choice. A single-lever bath tap can be used easily by children, elderly people or individuals with restricted motor functions.

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What points should you consider when choosing a hand shower?

Whether built-in or surface-mounted, it is important to consider the intended purpose for your hand shower. A bath tap with a shower head includes an optical aspect that needs to harmonise with the overall style of the bathroom, as well as a functional aspect that you need to consider carefully in advance. Think about how you use your bathroom every day and what requirements the shower tap on your bath will need to meet. How much scope do you need for the length of your hand shower? Will you use the shower head to wash young children? Would it be useful to be able to adjust the pressure for this? Do you need a single-lever spray head for easier everyday operation? Would a longer outlet on the bath tap be useful and harmonious in your bathroom?

Bath tap fittings from Villeroy & Boch
Onovo bath tap

Think about the feeling of the different shower heads in your hand as well. The functionality of the switch on the bath tap or fitting is just as important too. Can you move it easily? Is it in the right position for your habits? – The main deciding factors for all these little details on your bath tap are daily handling and comfort. Take some time to try out different bath taps and spray heads. Consider hygiene too: a surface-mounted tap always means more cleaning and regular descaling in comparison with a built-in tap or a rim-mounted bath tap.

Buying a bath tap with a spray head

The right bath tap and hand shower will make life easier in all everyday situations in your bathroom. It will allow you to wash your children’s hair or easily rinse your own hair after a bath. The right water pressure and settings will help you adjust it perfectly to your needs. Take a look at the different models and styles and then purchase the high-quality bath tap and pull-out spray with ideal functionality and aesthetics for your dream bathroom.

Floor-standing bath tap with pull-out spray