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Built-in bath taps

Finion built-in tap

When designing a new bathroom, it can be difficult to choose between the many different types of bath taps. The first step is to decide between a built-in or surface-mounted bath tap. It is important to choose your preferred type of bath tap at an early stage in the bathroom planning process as any changes further down the line will often mean additional expense.

In the case of a built-in bath tap, all connections other than the controls are concealed in the wall, creating a streamlined look. But what other advantages does this type of bath fitting offer?

Surface-mounted bath tap
Onovo surface-mounted tap
Built-in bath tap
Subway built-in tap

What are the advantages of a built-in bath tap?

Special advantages of built-in taps

Built-in taps are attractively minimalist and even as a complete bath tap with a shower do not dominate the overall effect. The water is mixed behind the wall with a built-in bath tap, with none of the technical components visible on the outside. High-quality versions of these shower fittings for baths look elegant and streamlined and create attractively clear designs that are ideal for small spaces.

Bath with Avento built-in tap
Memento built-in tap

Minimising risks for greater safety in the bathroom

A built-in bath tap is a particularly suitable choice for a family-friendly bathroom or for elderly users. Installing a bath fitting behind plaster minimises the risk of accidents and therefore injuries in the bathroom. The risks of injury in a home bathroom are relatively high for elderly people and young children. It is a good idea to consider safety at the planning stage and choose an appropriate bath tap and shower attachment. An additional thermostat will quickly bring the water to the required temperature and an upper limit can also be set to ensure it never gets too hot. This will also provide greater safety in your bathroom and protect users such as young children and elderly people from scalding.

Space-saving and easy to clean

A shower tap with a built-in body also frees up a lot of space that can be used for other items in a smaller bathroom. You can still choose from various options for operating your bath tap.

A single-lever bath mixer allows comfortable and easy operation. Just one lever is used to control both the temperature and water flow on a built-in single-lever bath mixer.  As an alternative to a single-lever bath mixer, you could also consider a two-handle bath mixer or a thermostat tap, for example. In the case of a traditional two-handle bath mixer, two separate handles are used to control the hot and cold water independently. A thermostat tap allows precise temperature control using a thermostat valve to set the desired temperature in advance. Then water is then automatically adjusted to this temperature.

In everyday life, a built-in bath tap also offers the advantage of easier and more hygienic cleaning – as there is less surface area for deposits to adhere to.

Architectura built-in tap

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Bath with Subway built-in tap

What is needed for built-in taps?

In the case of a built-in tap, the plumber will install a concealed body in a pre-wall. After this, the controls and water outlet can then be fitted in the appropriate locations on the pre-wall.

Can you replace a built-in tap?

If you are planning to replace a built-in bath tap, there are a few points to consider first. Bath taps are generally standardised, but additional installation work may be required for special models and extra features. One important point: the replacement taps must be compatible with the outlets in the wall and the installed concealed body. Otherwise, the complete system will need to be replaced.

One exception is “flexible” concealed bodies, but these are relatively new arrivals on the market. They provide greater installation scope for built-in models and allow easier replacement of built-in shower taps. However, you should always enlist the services of a professional to carry out the replacement to make sure your tap functions correctly and is a lasting feature in your bathroom. A plumber will also guarantee professional installation.

Architectura built-in tap
Architectura bath

Buying built-in bath taps

A built-in bath tap provides scope for stylish designs in small spaces. From reducing risks of injury in small showers to hygiene – a built-in bath tap offers a wide range of advantages. These taps also come in many different styles and will add an ideal finishing touch to all kinds of interior design looks. In terms of costs too, our range of built-in taps covers a wide price spectrum.

When renovating your bathroom, remember this is something you will generally do just once and high-quality materials will create a beautiful bathroom you enjoy using every day. Find inspiration with the wide range of options in our range, compare the handling of the different models and then purchase the perfect tap for installation in your dream bathroom.