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Rim-mounted bath tap

Loop&Friends rim-mounted bath tap

In addition to a stylish appearance, a rim-mounted bath tap also offers benefits in terms of handling. Unlike a wall-mounted tap, it is fitted directly on the rim of the bath. Extra features such as a thermostat provide additional comfort and safety. It is available in a wide range of designs to complement every style with an understated and elegant touch. Find out more about the different bath tap versions here.

What are the advantages of a rim-mounted bath tap?

Special advantages of taps on the rim of the bath

Similar to a built-in shower tap, a rim-mounted bath tap has the important advantage of being mainly concealed from view but without having to open up the wall to install it. Only the controls and water outlet of this shower fitting are visible on the bath. All other elements are concealed in the rim of the tub. This installation method creates a stylish look and a peaceful impression in the bathroom.

It also allows easy and comfortable operation of the bath tap. This type of tap can be an eye-catching feature too, with models such as a waterfall bath tap. This bath tap therefore also offers great scope for special style statements in your bathroom.

Collaro rim-mounted bath tap
Collaro rim-mounted bath tap

Reduced risk of injury

Rim-mounted taps offer the additional advantage of minimising risks of injury. This is particularly important in a small bathroom. And this bath tap is also ideal in a bathroom for elderly people as it is easier and safer to operate. A single-lever rim-mounted bath mixer is very to use and can also be controlled by small hands. Thanks to their simple operation, these rim-mounted bath taps minimise risks of injury as very little strength is required. There is also less risk of bumping against things as there are fewer controls on a rim-mounted tap-bath combination.

Option of retrofitting

Not all baths allow a tap to be mounted directly on the rim of the tub. A mounting block makes this type of installation possible for any bathtub and this can even be done at a later point in time. The retrofit option offers all the aesthetics and functionality of a rim-mounted bath tap despite not being fitted directly on the tiled rim of the bath.

Subway rim-mounted bath tap

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Loop&Friends rim-mounted bath tap

Diverse connections for rim-mounted bath taps

Bath taps come in different designs and finishes to meet every style preference and need. From a 2-hole tap for a minimalist bathroom to a 5-hole rim-mounted bath tap for a luxury hotel experience in your own bathroom. The warm and cold water are adjusted separately in these models. An attractive hand shower adds the finishing touch to the set. The middle button allows you to easily switch between the hand shower and the tap. A 4-hole rim-mounted bath tap adds a very luxurious note but has no additional lever for switching. The control is generally located on the tap. These taps are ideal in situations where it is important to be able set the temperature correctly.

3-hole taps come in different versions. In these models, a classic mixer lever is used to blend cold and warm water. A lever on the tap is again used to switch the flow to the hand shower. Each tap version comes in a wide range of designs to complement the style of the bathroom.

Think carefully about your aesthetic preferences and features that can be operated easily by all users of your bathroom. Children and elderly people in particular may find several buttons, for instance on a 5-hole tap, more difficult to handle. In this case, a 3-hole rim-mounted bath tap may be a better choice. Compare the operation of the different taps in practice and check which tap is the best fit for your requirements.

Rim-mounted bath taps from Villeroy & Boch
Subway rim-mounted bath tap

Buying a rim-mounted bath tap

When planning your bathroom, start by making sure it matches your style and is suitable for your everyday needs. A rim-mounted bath tap will be an important feature that will make your bathroom a real haven of well-being. Choose your preferred style and the type of handling that feels most pleasant for you. Take your time to browse the Villeroy & Boch range and discover items that impress in terms of both style and functionality.

The diverse selection of rim-mounted bath taps includes the perfect high-quality solution for every budget. Our compete sets offer perfectly coordinating functionality combined with a harmonious look for your rim-mounted bath tap. Enjoy the understated charm of a rim-mounted bath tap and choose the perfect model for your new home spa.