Bathtub taps and fittings by Villeroy & Boch

Find the perfect Villeroy & Boch product for your dream bathroom

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The bath tap fittings from Villeroy & Boch are items you can really treasure. Perfectly designed, they bring new shine to your bathroom. The bathroom accessories are available in Chrome, White Matt and in an elegant Champagne to match your very own style, perfectly complementing your bath.

What bathtub fittings are available?

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True purism

The bath tap fittings offer true, clear-cut perfection. The entire bathroom series represents uncompromising design characterised by the flat and distinctive shape of the outlet. Straight lines interact with rounded details, resulting in stylish purism. The other collections likewise offer beautifully shaped bath tap fittings in a classical or purist design.

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Various mounting methods

Choose a bath tap fitting from various mounting methods. Whether mounted on the bathtub, tile-mounted or as a standalone pillar fixture ‒ you will find the right model for any bathroom.