Take a trip around the world with a cup of coffee.

The spectacular cups of the NewWave Caffè Cities of the World pattern transform drinking coffee into an adventure – one not just for globetrotters. The premium porcelain of each piece is decorated with cheerful motifs of famous big cities and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Discover Metropolitan style, sip by sip.

The distinguishable sights of famous cities around the world are interpreted here in a modern and unique design: This is what you can expect from the NewWave Caffè Cities of the World pattern. Each city has been allocated its own colour, which accentuates the smooth graphics in black-and-white. The matching party plates are also decorated with details from the corresponding destinations.

Cape Town, Shanghai, Moscow, Amsterdam and a universal form.

Experience the fascinating atmosphere of a big city with the extravagant forms of the NewWave Caffè Cities of the World pattern. Together with the organic, wave-like curves of the pieces, the design-oriented, geometric shapes provide a perfect base for such modern motifs in a glamorous, graphic style. These exceptional creations make the perfect gifts for friends and family.


Combine the items of NewWave Caffè Cities of the World with other pieces from the NewWave collection.

 For example, with NewWave Caffè - turn your daily coffee break into a stylish treat and a special moment.